A House Full of Friends CD Release, March 30 ~ Concert & Garrick's "Significant Birthday" Celebration Follows Sunday, April 8 at Club Fox, 6pm! 

We are proud to announce the release of "A House Full of Friends", a live album documenting "One night, one show of spontaneous musical passion" featuring 14 musicians and vocalists performing both electric and acoustic music written by Garrick Davis, outside of two song covers.

In celebration of the March 30th official release date Z.E.D. Productions presents a Release Concert as well as acknowledging Davis' 60th Birthday! You don't want to miss this double whammy reason to show your Love and share your honored and vital presence.

A new era spawned in collaboration with talented musicians who joined guitarist/singer/songwriter/producer Garrick Davis to document in pristine audio what has turned out to be an adventurous body of work that has the potential to broaden the audience for what Davis calls" World Blues". 

The title, "A House Full of Friends", represented having the venue occupied with people that would bring a positive vibe, both on and off the stage. We had just enough people in attendance and 13 musicians on and off the stage throughout the evening. 

Creating the event, band and dynamic set list with an electric or acoustic aesthetic depending on the song's needs, to make a live album, turned out to be just thing that has ushered in a breath of fresh air to a simmering career that deserves to burn brightly. Having grown restless with performing and touring as a soloist, playing local and regional clubs and bars as a four and five-piece "guitar band" has been "less than" the potential Davis and company is capable of , considering the range of musical possibilities this new recorded work explores and triumphantly expresses. 

Stretching beyond those "limitations", along with the core musicians Davis has worked with over the past fifteen years, augmented by musicians he had wanted to play with widened the scope of the instrumentation, widened the range of age(there are men and women from 20-something to 80-something gracing the music), cultures and ethnicities, Davis set out to create "something you won't hear every day" and answers the question in the "what would happen if..." category.




General Admission Only   $23 (+ service fee)

General Admission + CD    $31   (+ BPT Fee)
Gen Admis + CD + T-Shirt  $45   (+fee)


General Admission Only $23 (+ service fee)

General Admission + CD $31 (+ BPT Fee)

Gen Admis + CD + T-Shirt $45 (+fee)