"A House Full of Friends" Album Release & Significant Birthday Celebration featuring

Garrick Davis World Blues with Special Guest Opener: Born Yesterday


I'd like to thank everyone who came out to this special show at Club Fox in Redwood City April 8, 2018!    I enjoyed the most positive of vibes and support from so many who attended as well as those who let their support be tangibly known. It was a Birthday Celebration I will remember until my dying days.

I couldn't be more pleased with the motivation and sense of momentum I feel with the expression of love and appreciation for what I embarking on from here forward!

The musicians I have been fortunate to pull together to create "what is" are of the highest quality of people, let alone talent.

That being said, my quest for full artistic freedom is not just for my own sake but includes that my World Blues family achieve this as well. There is so much more I could say but I would rather leave my "doing" to what is possible for the future. Look for some recordings from the show that I will post soon! Stay tuned!


We are proud to announce the release of "A House Full of Friends", a live album that documented "a music concert demonstrating collaboration, excellence and passion that can only be heard to be understood" featuring "Garrick Davis World Blues", 14 of the Bay Area's best musicians and vocalists, performing both electric and acoustic sets of original music.

In commemoration of the March 30th official release date, Z.E.D. Productions presents an "Album Release Concert and Significant Birthday Celebration" featuring  "Garrick Davis World Blues" with the new band "Born Yesterday" opening the show . You don't want to miss this opportunity to show your Love and share your honored and vital presence. Club Fox is located at 2209 Broadway in Redwood City, CA and tickets are available at "GarrickDavisMusic.com. Club Fox is 21 & over.

A new era and live show concept was born for guitarist/singer/songwriter/producer Garrick Davis as he recruited a circle of veteran musicians he had either played in his earlier bands or musicians he had "wanted to play with for some time to record a live album". To create a sense of spontaneity and focus, minimal rehearsals were held. In lieu of this, Davis worked with a number of musicians individually. What transpired was a notable fellowship of mutual respect and anticipation, before the first notes were  even struck, that only grew as the evening progressed. What was documented, in pristine audio, is an adventurous body of work that is both genre-defying and explosive in content. What came of that vision was a tangible reality that Davis calls" World Blues", music with a foundation in Blues and augmented by instruments of various cultural origins. 

The album title itself, "A House Full of Friends", represents a venue occupied with people bringing a supportive vibe to the venture. There were enough people in attendance that night to pay for the 13 musicians, a extra sound tech, a deposit on the video crew and venue rental. The great audio mix of the complex tracks was paid for out of pocket. Two Fundraising concerts followed the next year, both financial failures beyond expenses but, however, both were artistic successes, cementing the concept of a potent live band widened by the scope of the instrumentation, range of age(men and women from 20-something to 80-something), diverse cultures and ethnicities. Finally, both the audio mastering and the manufacturing are family-supported. It is the CD and digital download sales that will allow broader promotion and marketing to bring this product to a wide audience, through touring and social media.

The one thread woven throughout this human and musical tapestry is Garrick Davis himself, the artist who possesses an unwavering belief in his music to lift the lives of his audience as well as those of the musicians with which he shares the stage. His Love and appreciation emanates from the stage in full flight like someone who has learned to never take a gift for granted, including his own.

Garrick turns 60 the day after this event, sharing the same Birthdate as his wife, Zsuzsanna and close enough to his son Zach(April 7th) who will take his piano duties beside his father as well as debuting at Club Fox with his own band "Born Yesterday as the show opener. Newcomer Dana Cory, who will provide brass with this band for the first time also has a 4/6 Birthday.

This activity has ushered in a breath of fresh air to Davis' ever-simmering career. Having grown restless with performing and touring as a soloist, playing local and regional clubs, bars and restaurants with a four and five-piece "guitar band" has been less satisfying  than the potential Davis and company is capable of , considering the range of musical and messages his work has always sought to explore. Stretching beyond previously perceived "limitations", with his core musicians, widening the scope of the instrumentation, the range of age and cultures and ethnicities, Davis is poised to thrive with a new beginning to create "something you won't hear every day". Go see "Garrick Davis World Blues" so you can "understand" for yourself.